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Complete Machinery Repair and Maintenance West Engineering delivers comprehensive, affordable Repair and Maintenance Services.

Thanks to our comprehensive manufacturing approach, West Engineering provides greater:  

  • Efficiency: We use a multi-point inspection process to identify potential issues before they happen so your equipment keeps operating at peak performance. 
  • Assurance: We rely on years of equipment repair and maintenance experience to ensure uninterrupted production for your operations.
  • Awareness: Our service-oriented approach helps us uncover and communicate true equipment conditions so you can make more informed decisions.

A Wide Range of Equipment Maintenance

West Engineering offers complete machinery repair and maintenance services on a wide range of machinery parts and components, including:

  • Motors
  • Drives
  • Power units
  • Controls
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Separators
  • Actuators
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
  • Feed panels
  • Spindles

Complete Repair and Maintenance Services

We employ a full range of milling, drilling, turning, boring, grinding, and finishing capabilities to repair, recondition, rebuild, and replace equipment for the automotive, chemical, defense, healthcare, power generation, mining, and manufacturing industries. Our maintenance service includes preventive work, routine inspection, and scheduled and emergency repairs of mechanical components that are worn or damaged.

Our repair and maintenance services offer several benefits, from optimizing production performance to minimizing breakdowns to maximizing equipment lifespans.

It’s Easy to Work with West Engineering:

Call or email us with the specifications and requirements of your project

Speak with one of our engineers to determine if we’re a good fit

Review the competitive pricing and proposed timelines outlined in our proposal

Decide to engage West Engineering and start working with your project manager

Ideal, Cost-Effective Maintenance Solutions

At West Engineering, we understand the impacts a non-operational piece of equipment has on your organization and your need to avoid any production breakdowns. To do that, you need a company that will partner with you to deliver the whole gamut of repair and maintenance services and protect your investment. But few providers are willing or equipped to provide the routine, corrective, preventative, and prescriptive services it takes to keep you up and running.

We believe the defense against this is a good offense. That’s why we offer all types of repair and maintenance, in our shop or in the field. We’re equipped and ready to deliver the most ideal and cost-effective maintenance solution.

If you’re searching for a complete mechanical assets repair and maintenance company to help you protect your equipment ROI and operational profitability, contact West Engineering today at 804-798-3966.